Yo Yo Yo !!!  🌀

Its that time of the year you need to sit relaxed and get your mind off worries
Guess what?
An avenue has been created for that
Its the #JaycityFacebookHangout
Happening live in the city of Jos
Come to #JCFH
Where to get to meet your Online Daddy, mommy, daughter, son, bestie, slay queen, slay king Lomf, Qomf, Koml, ur online crush....
With as low as just #500
Date :30th dec. 2019
Venue : Plisla Gardens, Adjacent Tuscany
Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell another friend about JCFH
Let the hype be massive

We Have Over Time Proven To Y'all That We Can Be Trusted Right???!
Y'all Should Expect Fun!! Fun!!! Fun!!! And nothing Short of Fun!!!
Come, See and Actually have time to Interact With All Your Facebook SlayQueens, Kings, Comedians, Motivational Writers As Well As The Loml, bby, Joml, Aoml, Poml, Doml, Twinnie, Online Daddy and Mummy Face to Face with As Little As 500naira
So Tell A Friend to Tell Another Friend that it's Happening This December
DM Me For Your Ticket Reservations
P.S Keep Your Jos Chilling PTSD at Home✌

Check art for more details
For more enquiries Call 0816070368

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