[NEWS] Govt bans international flights for a week from Sunday as virus spreads| GLIDEPLUG

The government on Thursday announced a week-long closure of INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS to/from India to prevent the spread of the corona virus The restrictions will be in place from March 22-29.
India sees over 300 international flights each day but the numbers have been shrinking by the day because of travel bans.
All passenger traffic from Malaysia, Philippines, Europe and Turkey have been suspended in the last two days. But flights to US, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Africa and WEST ASIA remain operational. These too will be suspended for a week beginning Sunday.
Non-scheduled and ferry flights will be allowed on a case-to-case basis. A few European countries have sought permission to operate relief flights to transport their citizens home.
As per the DGCA order no international scheduled passenger flight will be allowed to take for India after 5.30 am on Sunday and no international flight will be allowed to disembark passengers in India after 1.30 am on Monday.
The move, among the series of steps, are aimed at ensure that India does not witness community level transmission of the disease which has resulted in over 200,000 cases around the world. In India over 169 cases have been reported - mostly among them with a history of international travel.

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